An analysis of the nigerian music from africa

Joey Akan is an award-winning writer, journalist, critic and podcaster based in Lagos, Nigeria. Radio Biafraalternatively the Voice of Biafra formerly the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Servicewas based in Enugu; [31] it was from here that the Biafran leader, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwubroadcast speeches and propaganda to Biafrans and Nigeria.

Nigeria: Music - Nigeria's New Cultural Export

The injunction language above also means, if Brymo wants to distribute his song on You Tube, for example, Chocolate City can and should send the notice to You Tube to take it down.

Nigeria has experienced more difficulty than most African countries in forging a popular cultural identity from the diverse peoples of the countryside. Meanwhile, highlife had been slowly gaining in popularity among the Igbo people, and their unique style soon found a national audience.

Globalisation can be of great economic benefit but it can also be the poison pill that puts a nation and its culture to death. Emerging Opportunity Despite its huge influence on music repertoire across the globe, most countries in Africa have not historically been significant markets for the international music industry.

Via their smartphones and social media platforms, they possess access to the consumers, and can push through a connection via promotions and targeted advertisements. Two years ago, the digital business was almost all ringtones, today products and services are taking off and interest from our global partners in the continent is greater than it has ever been.

Worse, they have no shame in playing in their vomit.

The Politics of the Nigerian Music Industry

The Nigerian arts, entertainment and recreation sector bucked the downward trend in the wider economy, growing in real terms by 8.

The first stars of palm-wine had emerged by the s, the most famous of whom was Baba Tunde King. Early history[ edit ] The first settlement in the Enugu area was the small Nike village of Ogui, which was present since the era of the Atlantic Slave Trade.

He can also bring his own motions, ask for sanctions where applicable, basically come ready to play grown up game of music business otherwise go home. The big ones like Whizkid and Davido are feeling the love--maybe the cash too!

Pre-Trial A lawsuit involves the pre-trial and trial phase. They, and many others of their age group built the industry. It is the organic approach; satisfy your local market then reach out to satisfy the world.

Is it by force to use twitter or social media for your problems? Now, just like other sectors affected by tech innovation, the sector benefits and suffers from regulation that is playing catch up with the industry. Unfortunately, this is not the case in many of the other sectors.

Children also use instruments like un-pitched raft zithers made from cornstalks and drums made from tin cans, a pipe made from a pawpaw stem and a jaw harp made from a sorghum stalk. The earliest styles of Nigerian popular music were palm-wine music and highlifewhich spread in the s among Nigeria and nearby countries of LiberiaSierra Leone and Ghana.

Brymo also needs to show up in the courtroom where it counts, not on twitter public streets ranting about God knows what. They are regarded as both gatekeepers and chess masters, dictating the pace of movement, who rises and falls, who is blacklisted, and who receives a fair share of favours, deals and endorsements.

With all due respect Ayinla Kollington is a coherent social commentator. On the African side of the city a rapid influx of migrant workers sparked the development of squatter camps on the Udi Hills near the coal mines and the Iva Valley.

Artists just need to get out of their way to do the right things, and work to the best of their ability. For starters, how many artists do they have on their roster again? Since its release in Februarythe official "If" video has racked up more than 60 million views on YouTube, the highest number of YouTube views for any Nigerian music video and one of the highest ever recorded for a song by an African artist.

I have no sympathy for such nonsense. Globally, the creative industry is among the most dynamic economic sectors. Frame drums are also found in Nigeria, but may be an importation from Brazil.

The song, currently a hit in Nigeria and across Africa, awakens thoughts of home; they cannot stop smiling at the pleasant surprise.

They are traditionally made from a single piece of wood or spherical calabashes, but have more recently been made from oil drums. He explains that entertainers do not need handouts from telecommunications companies and the government because they can make a lot of money.

Till date his catalogue is worth almost 10 million dollars. The Times summed it up like this: Perhaps, it is best described as social entrepreneurship.May 25,  · According to the latest figures from the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), the number of internet users in Nigeria increased to million in February Hopes are high for music sales in emerging markets.

As smartphone ownership becomes commonplace and more legal options become available, a huge number of consumers from Africa to South Asia can. Feb 07,  · Subscribe To Watch thrilling Entertainment at its fullest BlazeEmpireTV.

There is an unspoken consensus about the Nigerian music industry that the scene is ruled by a political circle of powerful people, who control key affairs and opportunities within the space. However, in the last few years, the majority of Nigerian music industry earnings have come from telecommunications firms, for the use of mobile ringtones, and from other corporations through brand.

structure and analysis of African music on this concept of African philosophy and African musical philosophy, calling onto the concept of co-existence and interdependence in traditional African societies.

An analysis of the nigerian music from africa
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