An analysis of the reasons that the starting time of school should be later in the day

Among these students, the effect of a one-hour later start time is 1. Lack of sleep, in turn, can interfere with learning. While my data do not allow me to explore all possible mechanisms, I am able to test several of them.

If the adolescent hormone explanation is true, the effect of school start times should be larger for older students, who are more likely to have begun puberty.

In other words, middle school start times are somewhat earlier in Wake County than in most districts nationwide.

Schools Start Too Early

However, these changes may pose other difficulties due to child-care constraints for younger students and jobs and afterschool activities for older students.

Hormonal changes, in particular, the secretion of melatonin, shift the natural circadian rhythm of adolescents, making it increasingly difficult for them to fall asleep early in the evening.

Sleep, circadian rhythms, and delayed phase in adolescence. To deal with this potential problem, my second approach focuses on schools that changed their start times during the study period. Previous research tends to find that students in early-starting schools are more likely to be tardy to school and to be absent.

Of course, increased sleep is not the only possible reason later-starting middle-school students have higher test scores. As a result, it is not clear if there is no effect because start times are not a factor in the academic performance of prepubescent students, or because the schools start much later and only very early start times affect performance.

However, elementary schools start much later than middle schools more than half of elementary schools begin at 9: Finley Edwards is visiting assistant professor of economics at Colby College.

Since buses serving magnet schools must cover a larger geographic area, ride times tend to be longer for magnet school students. If adolescent hormones are the mechanism through which start times affect academic performance, preadolescent elementary students should not be affected by early start times.

In other words, it may be that it is not so much early start times that matter but rather early end times. For example, this method would compare the scores of 7th graders at a school with a 7: But this means that students barely have enough time to absorb what they were doing in maths before suddenly they are thrust into ancient history.

Teens Should Start School at 10 a.m., Scientists Suggest. Is That Realistic?

The only nationally representative dataset that records school start times indicates that, as ofthe median middle-school student in the U. More than one-quarter of students begin school at 8: Alternatively, the entire schedule could be shifted later into the day.

The percentage of schools starting at 8: As this suggests, this method can only be used for the roughly 28 percent of students in my sample whose middle school changed its start time while they were enrolled.

They could be more likely to be absent, tardy, or have behavioral problems in school. For teachers, it could also mean a less stressful day all around — and what could be better than that? These results suggest that delaying start times may be a cost-effective method of increasing student performance.

Sociodemographic and behavioral predictors of bed time and wake time among US adolescents aged 15 to 17 years. If students watch television when they are home alone and do their homework when their parents are home, this behavior could explain why students who start school later have higher test scores.

Adolescents who do not get enough sleep are more likely to Be overweight. Set a regular bedtime and rise time, including on weekends.

But as the student population has grown, the school district has changed the start times for many individual schools in order to maintain a balanced bus schedule, generating differences in start times for the same school in different years.

This is not at the cost of teaching time which has remained constant but at the cost of natural breaks, which has led to reduced lunch times and lesson breaks. Not engage in daily physical activity. Wake County is uniquely suited for this study because there are considerable differences in start times both across schools and for the same schools at different points in time.

As the researchers note, even U. Students in early-starting schools could be more likely to skip breakfast. And how would that affect after-school jobs, athletics, and responsibilities to look after younger siblings?

To further investigate how the effect of later start times varies with age, I estimate the effect of start times on upper elementary students grades 3—5. Since the effect of later start times is stronger for the lower end of the distribution of test scores, later start times may be particularly effective in meeting accountability standards that require a minimum level of competency.Researchers analyzed data from more than 9, students at eight high schools in Minnesota, Colorado, and Wyoming and found that shifting the school day later in the morning resulted in a boost in attendance, test scores, and grades in math, English, science, and social studies.

Some Reasons For Starting School Later English Language Essay. I think school should start later in the day because it would be beneficial to all students by increasing safety and academic performances.

By the end of the study the faculty decided to keep eight-thirty the school starting time for the upcoming spring term because they. Learn how later school start times may help adolescents get enough sleep.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends that teenagers aged 13 to 18 years should regularly sleep 8 to 10 hours per day for good health. Adolescents who do not get enough sleep are more likely to school start times are the main reason students. Backgrounder: Later School Start Times.

As a result, when it is time to wake up for school, the adolescent’s body says it is still the middle of the night, and he or she has had too little sleep to feel rested and alert.

Teens spend a great portion of each day in school; however, they are unable to maximize the learning opportunities.

Why Psychologists Agree The School Day Should Start Later endorsed the benefits of a later school start time for middle and high schoolers include be a compelling reason to consider making.

Too early in the day, that is. High School Should Start Later in the Morning. High school begins across the U.S.

Sleep Scientists Say School Days Should Start Later

this week and next. Delaying the start time from a.m. to a.m.

An analysis of the reasons that the starting time of school should be later in the day
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