Human resource management of nokia

The probably most important strategic decision in its history was in to focus on its telecommunications business. For a company like Nokia that is already recognized in the industry and is eyeing on expansion, their status and reliability should be maintained with their SHRM policies.

The company has experienced increasing revenue because it has specialized in the manufacture of electronic products that are of high quality. A strategic approach in Human Resource Management is vital especially in growing companies.

The company would have to reposition itself in the market at the same time it faces fierce competition from various companies from china which are producing low priced competitive phones. Conducting research about the market Apple should carry out a comprehensive talent research in the industry.

Despite still other organizations try to enter the cell phone market. Great talents and efficient management skills are the primary reason why Apple has become a leader in the manufacture of consumer electronics. Apple has based its success on the strength of its employees.

Barney and Wright discuss the VRIO framework — value, rareness, inimitability and organization — based on earlier literature, consulting activities and input from executive training.

This also strengthens the management by providing with the facility to consult the union and receive feedback from them in order to run operations smoothly. In Todd v Strain and Others [] an employer alleged of not following the terms of the CBA because he did not carry out the employee representative election was found innocent as the issue was a permissible issues EmployeeCasesUpdate, Ex As European telecommunications markets were deregulated and mobile networks became global, Nooks led the way with some iconic products.

Today, Nokia is selling its products across countries by employing aroundpeople. John Wiley and Sons. The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the internal and external environment of Apple Inc.

The approach is concerned with longer-term people issues and macro-concerns about structure, quality, culture, values, commitment and matching resources to future need. A Strategic Approach to Employment. Internal Environment of Apple Inc.

Strategic Human Resource Management Planning Strategic Human resources planning is an important component of securing future operations for Nokia.

After review of the literature mentioned above it can be seen that the management authority is strengthened by the process of collective bargaining. Together with the annual base salary come bonuses such as the Nokia Connecting People Bonus programme. The HRM security module should uses appropriate levels of security, including multiple layers, to protect the HR data.

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This strategy has motivated employees to commit their effort to the organizational culture since they are in a position to enhance their skills. Financial Times Prentice Hall. Argentina, Brazil and Mexico in the global economy. Innovation from inside the firm is the norm for most engineering based software development companies.

Then we will analyze Nooks regarding their strategy and integration of the HARM as strategic partner in order to achieve their business goals. For resources that are valuable without being rare, for example in terms of labour supply or raw materials available for production processes, the framework suggests normal per- formance outcomes.

In this, case the company does not support career path. In most cases, the employees work as a team. Organizational Effectiveness The strategic human resource management system of Nokia has a significant impact on individual and company effectiveness. Creating positive employee relationship is important because employee satisfaction directly affects productivity.

Nokia did not realise how quickly the industry would change and the new eco system of mobile apps would sweep it across. To achieve these goals it is necessary to understand the linkage between HRM and business strategy and make sure that the HRM strategy is in line with the business strategy.

This process is important to hiring the right people, and helps to place suitable employees in the right positions, which results in employee motivation and optimal use of resources.

The content in this report cover various topics such as the types of bargaining issues and benefits and pitfalls of collective bargaining. This strategy seems complicated and may bar talented candidates from applying for open positions in the company.

Employees are also entitled to products discounts. In it was of total The HR team ensures that number of employees is adequate for smooth business operations.Prior to her academic career, she worked as a Human Resource Management professional at Nokia Networks focusing on selection and talent development.

Strategic human resource management: A Balanced Approach. 2nd Edition.

Saba serves on the editorial review boards of International Journal of Human Resource Management, Journal of World Business, and Human Resource Management Review.

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Supervisor: Bersant Hobdari, Department of International Economics and Management Co-supervisor: Dana Minbaeva, Center for Strategic Management and Globalisation is the human resource management (HRM)-function (Schuler, Dowling et al.

Strategic Human Resource Management Case Nokia

Guest, Michie et al. Case: Nokia tackles expatriate performance management (Case in the file) 1. Is there or can there be such a thing as a standardized, globalized, performance management system?

Similarly, Human resources management is the process of managing people or employees and creating a positive work environment for every working individual. Also the role of Human Resource Management involve planning, developing and administrating plans and policies by making judicious use of organizational human resource.

Human resource management of nokia
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