Oceans and atmosphere worksheet

A type of carbohydrate. The act of creating a map. The values in parentheses following the various forms of water e. About one-third of the precipitation falling on land runs off to the oceans primarily in riverswhile direct groundwater discharge to the oceans accounts for only about 0.

Resources in this section include interactive online quizzes. Latitudinal variation in precipitation and evaporation and its relationship to major wind belts and oceanic salinity.

Energy in the Ocean and Atmosphere

For a discussion of the possibilities of changes to the thermohaline circulation under global warmingsee shutdown of thermohaline circulation.

Capillary Action Movement of water along microscopic channels. Thus, the absorption and movement of energy on the Earth is related to the ocean-atmosphere system.

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Atmosphere Questions - All Grades

Found in an altitude range from 5, to 18, meters. In the atmosphere the residence time of water vapour relative to total evaporation is only about 10 days. Also see silt and sand. Equals the amount of heat required to raise 1 gram of pure water from Determine the slope and intercept of a linear graph.

Carbohydrate Is an organic compound composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen atoms. Carbon Dioxide Common gas found in the atmosphere.

Seven species of turtles, the sea turtlesalso spend most of their time in the oceans.

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This soil is common on the Canadian Prairies. Carbonate Compound consisting of a single atom of carbon and three atoms of oxygen. The deep ocean below the thermocline has its own circulation patterns driven by the density of the water, which is dependent on temperature and salinity thermohaline circulation.

Energy in the Atmosphere Links for Teachers Links for Students Temperature differences in the atmosphere are a result of the way solar energy is absorbed as it moves through the atmosphere.

Spatial edge of a unique community. This movement is the result of two forces: The chemical formula for carbon monoxide is CO. Scale for measuring temperature.

Water Molecule Model Building Activity

Closed Talik Is a form of localized unfrozen ground talik in an area of permafrost. This weakness occurs because of the nature of the bonds between mineral grains.

Process of grouping things into categories. Precipitation and evaporation vary with latitude and their relation to the global wind belts.The Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet GLG WEEK 4 RE: The Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet GLG WEEK 4.

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Revision summaries for AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy Chemistry Paper 1 (separate page). What's assessed in this paper? SUMMARY Topic 8 Atomic structure and the periodic table (Combined Science Trilogy Chemistry paper 1).

SUMMARY Topic 9 Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter (Combined Science Trilogy. In cold regions, such as the North Atlantic Ocean, ocean water loses heat to the atmosphere and becomes cold and dense.

When ocean water freezes, forming sea ice, salt is left behind causing surrounding seawater to become saltier and denser. Oceans and coastal tools, sanctuary permits, charts and images; Budgets, grants and Corporate. Associate Level Material Oceans and Atmosphere Worksheet Using the assigned readings for Week Six, prepare a to word response to each of the following.

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Oceans and atmosphere worksheet
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