Rangas marriage

In the story, 'Ranga's Marriage', the Shastri is very well tutored by the narrator in advance.

The Ranga’s Marriage

He thought that such a decent boy should marry and settle down. He takes a lot of interest in village affairs. But the boy is not ready for marriage, he says. What role does Shastri play in bringing about Ranga and Ratna together?

But Shastri is not ready to accept. He requested her to sing a song. What impression do you form of the narrator? There is also a creeper growing in the ever-so-fine water of the village pond. He resolves to get the boy married to a very young and immature year-old girl Ratna.

But Shastri is not ready to accept. Why does the author talk about Hosahally with great enthusiasm? The narrator sought the help of Shastri in bringing Ranga and Ratna together.

Thus, the narrator plays the role of a marriage broker. As Ratna arrives she is asked to sing. What was special about Rangappa? When Ranga returned home, it became almost a festive occasion for the entire village. The narrator resolved to get him married. Gundabhatta speaks so much glowingly about Hosahally as the author does.

He is of the opinion that one should better remain a bachelor than marry a young girl, as the custom of the village is.Ranga’s Marriage, by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar, is a story about a boy who returns to his village after receiving education in English medium from Bangalore.

The. But Ranga refused to marry because he believed that child marriage is an evil. He therefore wanted to remain bachelor till he found a mature woman to marry. But the narrator wanted to prove that romance could win over Rangas theories/5(34).

Aug 29,  · The Ranga's Marriage by: Masti Venkatesha Iyengar Introduction The story depicts the life in Indian villages in the past when child marriage was a common practice. Ranga’s Marriage is an interesting story of how a person manipulates to get a young boy.


Ranga's Marriage by Masti Venkatesh Iyengar is the story of a young man who had returned from Bangalore after higher studies. Set in Karnataka, the story is a light satire that makes fun of many things. individual project work & presentation to be submitted on due date or else you will bring low grades - 7 nov presentation is agronumericus.com5/5(1).

The story ‘Ranga’s Marriage’ shows how the narrator arranges Ranga’s marriage with the help of the astrologer. After independence, certain changes have come in .

Rangas marriage
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